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illustrator in the super-powerful hybrid tool (blend-3)

illustrator in the super-powerful hybrid tool (blend-3)

From Illustrator7 stuio sceret secret technology - Chrome effect

First draw a similar path - anchor the more the better

Press alt key to drag down a path, and then ctrl + d, ctrl + d ... ... you can have 89

Select, using the Distort - scribbleandweak, (the level of the value of I is 8%, the vertical value is 28%, you can look at adjusted)
With the direct selection tool (white arrow) to adjust each point to avoid overlap and create the path loop, be careful to do this step, see below

Each path will change in color, not color and intensity, more changes in the brightness on the best.
Select All, and select smooth stroke panel corner
Mixed with the blend tool by one (click on each path in turn end) ok. See how?

In fact Illstrator the blend tool is very practical, good to play your imagination, I believe there will be good works.

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"Extremely Tiger" to get angry, "Stealth Cat" minimal harm

Tiger is still a very long break and arrogant Duba latest version of the virus may be the perfect protection

The first week after the Spring Festival holiday, a series of virus after another, very tiger, hidden cat, botnets, etc., threatening vast network of users and property safety. Jinshan the latest monitoring data security laboratory, before the outbreak of "extremely tiger", after the virus is still very active in the New Year, average daily volume rising infection; and another called "stealth cat," the virus, infection was only cumulative 14 190 units, against a relatively small area, and professional antivirus software like Kingsoft Duba may be killing, users do not worry too much about.

CCTV: Tiger made a very dangerous hazard Panda burning incense over

Beijing TV Station: Internet computer virus into the stumbling block most tiger

Xinhua News Agency: "extremely Tiger" and then wreak havoc on computer virus infection exceeding 100 000 units

Kingsoft Anti-virus, security experts said Li Tiejun, recent days, most tiger infection was increased slightly. 24 infections soared to 201,280 units, nearly seven Jinshan Yun Security Center to help 899,450 users were extremely successful intercept Tiger virus, as of now to help 1,929,640 total users very successful intercept Tiger virus.

Kingsoft Anti-virus security specialist Li Tiejun stressed that the very culmination of the tiger virus assembly virus. The most complete of transmission - through the website linked to horse, LAN, U disk, etc. widespread; the most stubborn infections manner - not only infected application, website, will be infected rar files; most rootkit technology - using rootkit technology to lift anti-virus software protection and to protect themselves against being removed. The powerful combination of technologies makes the virus very Tiger Tiger 2010, the virus seems to be the leader, it is also the three "most" to make them the worst of the Year of the Tiger behavior, remove the most difficult and undermine the most extensive "drug Wang. "

"Stealth Cat" virus is not terrible Duba users need not worry

At the same time for some media reports of "stealth cat" virus, Jinshan detailed analysis of the security anti-virus engineers found that the virus did not think of it as "long life", as opposed to gray pigeons, the Hing, and other common remote control SEPTWOLVES Trojan, "Stealth Cat" is not so terrible. Although the remote control Trojan horse programs and improved to avoid killing the interference function of the security software, but after Jinshan safety laboratory tests, known as immortal "cat with nine lives" in front of security products in Jinshan become "sick" cats. Users only need to upgrade to the latest version of Duba can be killing the virus; use the free Jinshan net shield the virus can achieve the perfect block; infected with the Trojan users can also use the first aid kit for Jinshan targeted killing, but also a key to the implementation of removal, but also systems to clean and safe environment.

Virus by the "beast beast door of the" great shield of communication network users do not open the file under the bad

Kingsoft Anti-virus experts, security experts are concerned about a certain door to remind users of events, from the CCTV host Zhao Ma Bin, indecent malicious hackers to steal to the door video is crazy beast beast reproduced, whether voyeurism mischief or money-driven, these Event brings more netizens are thinking how to be proactive to protect their privacy, refused to become a hacker's "chicken", the network of "zombie", or, maybe the next day you will become an "animal victims."

Based on a very tiger, hidden cat, botnets and other viruses, and various "so-door" events frequent, Jinshan security anti-virus experts suggest that the majority of users in the following areas do security work:

(1) --- perfect protective shield Jinshan network defense from the network most comprehensive source of tiger, hidden cat web page linked by the virus Trojan horse, fraud, invasion of downloads, etc. on your computer. Users can download the Web Shield Kingsoft Duba standalone package or open the Web Shield module protection.

(2) complete killing - have installed the Duba's users to upgrade to the latest version are available on the very tiger, hidden cat and complete prevention of killing the virus.

(3) is not installed Duba set of users, the above exception if the system can also use the Gold Mountain first aid kit ( comprehensive safety inspection system to eliminate the cause unknown Trojan privacy leaks and data loss.

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Wonderful books excerpts (6): "Didi" one instance of production

Editor's note: This is the East is technology "Flash animation design" exciting chapter excerpts. Authorized by the copyright holder, issued by the site. Including "Flash cartoon story board", "How a shooting", "Flash cartoon character design", "Flash cartoon scene rendering", "Flash Animation", "" Didi "examples make [1] [2] [3] "and so on, we'll be posting the tutorial.

"Didi" is based on the previous chapters of the script and screen design, drawing and other knowledge, produced a Flash animated short. This chapter will sum up all of the creative knowledge and experience, as the reader how to apply this knowledge specifically in the Flash animation production.

7.2 Screen Color
Animation line draft is complete, and background images can be put together, the various scenarios in the Flash configuration. According to various lens configured screen composition, coloring these images.

First of all, the role must be color. According to the comparison with the well-being, first give the clothes to fill characters such as warm red and orange, to give the main character's skin, fill in the pink of the flesh, and finally fill in deep blue for the hair.

More use of warm colors make the characters feel warm, a little colder with the blue hair the color of the whole model seems balanced, rich.

For the protagonist of color with bright contrast, the negative role of the large, cool colors can be used. As the orange, red and blue can form a very coordinated, smart contrast, the negative role for most of the surface shape - clothing and hats fill in the blue. Negative role of skin color, you can set to look very unhealthy yellowish green.

Color contrast of different roles as shown in Figure 7-2-1.

Figure 7-2-1 role of color comparison chart

The first shot in the city night scene can be several different blue to describe the distance a number of buildings with dark blue, light a number of nearby buildings with the blue, shades of color to distinguish the background level. Screen positive with the central building of the deepest dark blue, and side with the fluorescence properties of green, looked strong and smart, so the audience is immediately clear that building the main body of the lens. Windows of the building with a very bright warm colors - yellow, the same, and other cool colors on the screen in sharp contrast the primary and secondary, as shown in Figure 7-2-2.

Figure 7-2-2 Lens 1

The second shot, with the lighter blues fill the main part of the screen, fill in the rest of dark blues, light and dark blue tone to distinguish the two primary and secondary areas of the screen. As a character with a fluorescent purple and appear more dull color, are used in the figure silhouettes and other windows, shows a feeling of choking another person, suggesting that the heavy atmosphere, as shown in Figure 7-2-3.

Figure 7-2-3 Lens 2

The third lens, a circular projection background will delineate the role of sight in the center of the audience. Ring external use dark background blue tone, indicating that this is a secondary area; internal use of a lighter purple, purple is still suggesting the atmosphere of Zhizhong and boring. Phone use warmer colors - brown, cool colors for the screen to be a coordinated, as shown in Figure 7-2-4.

Figure 7-2-4 Lens 3

The role of the fourth color of the lens and the third shot the same meaning, as shown in Figure 7-2-5.

Figure 7-2-5 Lens 4

The fifth lens with different shades of blues are still separate the primary and secondary areas, yellow glass windows are full of radiation appears to have shaped the dynamic, as shown in Figure 7-2-6.

Figure 7-2-6 Lens 5

Sixth the depth of the lens is divided into primary and secondary screen area blues, purple to make the picture look tense, solemn, as shown in Figure 7-2-7.

Figure 7-2-7 lens 6

The role of the seventh lens and the fifth lens color is similar to dark blue silhouette figures show the feeling of cold and mysterious, as shown in Figure 7-2-8.

Figure 7-2-8 lens 7

Eighth lens in several shades of blue tone picture secondary areas constitute. Role of yellow-green skin and the formation of these primary and secondary blue tone contrast, as shown in Figure 7-2-9.

Figure 7-2-9 lens 8

Ninth shot, dark blue silhouette into the role of specific warm tone image, so that the state of the screen to produce a warm sense of radiation, as shown in Figure 7-2-10.

Figure 7-2-10 lens 9

Tenth lens in warm regions more increase in the past several shots to cool the warm color tone gradually increased to the present, showing that the sense of force by the contraction of the screen gradually changes into radiation, in Figure 7-2 - 11 shows.

Figure 7-2-11 Lens 10

Tenth of a lens, the blue screen of cold adjustment based again present the public, and a lens in contrast to the warm tone, suggesting that the nature of the differences between the two roles, as shown in Figure 7-2-12.

Figure 7-2-12 Lens 11

Twelfth lens, yellow and red sparks gun, orange-based Didi shape, these types of warm color as the main screen, the resulting changes in the movement to make sense of the power of the screen is full of jumps, in Figure 7-2 - 13 shows.

Figure 7-2-13 Lens 12

Thirteenth shot, the purple background to make lateral moves even more slowly and stagnation, as shown in Figure 7-2-14.

Figure 7-2-14 Lens 13

Fourteenth lens in a camera's slow and stagnant strong sense of dynamic contrast of the lens and the sense of speed. Warm tone with a bright red changing to warm tone with the role of shape-based action, showing great strength of radiation, as shown in Figure 7-2-15.

Figure 7-2-15 Lens 14

Fifteenth shot, R & B scene to a shot of the action force on the sense of suddenly dissipated, proclaimed a shot in the kicking action of the end, as shown in Figure 7-2-16.

Figure 7-2-16 Lens 15

16th one shot, at the top of the purple obvious sense of stagnation and oppression of the lower intensity of various colors so that the whole picture show a kind of invisible pressure, as shown in Figure 7-2-17.

Figure 7-2-17 Lens 16

Seventeenth color camera lens with the same meaning as the eighth, as shown in Figure 7-2-18.

Figure 7-2-18 Lens 17

Eighteenth lens, the background is divided into two blues, dark blues above ratio appears to be more than the bright blues sense of weight, suggesting a role at that time with the oppressive, shown in Figure 7-2-19 shown.

Figure 7-2-19 Lens 18

19th a lens color and the meaning of the eighth lens similar, as shown in Figure 7-2-20.

Figure 7-2-20 Lens 19

The second lens 10, a force with a sense of stagnation in the dark gray circular background of a scene for the next outbreak of the power to do the groundwork, as shown in Figure 7-2-21.

Figure 7-2-21 Lens 20

Twenty-one shot with a strong white flash screen as the focus of the lens with a lens of black and gray background contrast, show a dramatic state of the power of radiation, as shown in Figure 7-2-22.

Figure 7-2-22 Lens 21

The role of the twenty-two lens colors and fifth lens broadly similar. Yellow piece of glass with radioactive power, the role of closer in the night sky, silhouette shades of color, compared with the role of the final blend with the night sky and created the conditions, as shown in Figure 7-2-23.

Figure 7-2-23 Lens 22

Twenty-three shots with a calm blues form with the lateral stability of the background screen, showing the smooth end of the event. A pot of green trees and a thread of life for the atmosphere. And the last by a variety of brighter colors of the electronic record player is shown warming the atmosphere, as shown in Figure 7-2-24.

Figure 7-2-24 Lens 23

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Integration of the relationship between QA and QC

In order to clarify the relationship between QA and QC, QA and QC for better collaboration and efficiency through the interaction between the two to effectively protect the quality of software products, so I will the relationship between QA and QC were integrated. The relationship between QA and QC, QA and QC for better collaboration and efficiency through the interaction between them to effectively protect the quality of software products, so I will the relationship between QA and QC were integrated.

1 QA and QC contrast

2 QA and QC work list

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Northern Rock's instant messaging

Digital workflow and easy as flying benchmarking system client, the Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory (hereinafter referred to Northern Rock) has always been at the forefront of information technology. In re Northern Rock consultant DCMS occasion, and head of the Ministry of Information Industry have also been exchanges Shen. Journal of Engineering said that she had been the next step for the North Stone thought the direction of information development. With the development of enterprises, the process of information issues to consider more and more. Such as portals, instant messaging platforms, etc. are conducted through information technology issues. Northern Rock consultant for information planning, DCMS's consultants are given in the analysis of professional advice.

1, employees hope to timely exchange, but if only by telephone, the cost will increase.

2, if the use of public instant messaging platforms (such as QQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger), need to open internet rights, undoubtedly increased business risk.

3, use of public instant messaging platform, employees chat with uncontrollable, may result in reduced efficiency.

In many enterprise instant messaging software for research, the Northern Rock chose ActiveMessenger (hereinafter referred to as "AM"). Not only because of its high cost, more attention is its good scalability.

ActiveMessenger stone on the line in the North, customers can make and easy to fly and Digital Workflow Integration to form real-time business processing reminders. In the DCMS support and guidance of consultants, customers using ActiveMessenger extensions, implemented in the form processing workflow reminders to inform all relevant personnel by ActiveMessenger.

Shen work that not only ActiveMessenger instant messaging is stable, convenient, value-added features, but also made more effective supervision and personnel work, improve efficiency, indeed serve multiple purposes.

Northern Rock applied AM Features

1, instant messaging

Personnel information online. Users can know the current status of co-workers. Such as whether the line is busy or to decide whether to follow it;

Send instant messages (with permission can mass or notice). Text message content can be in different fonts and colors to indicate to distinguish between the importance of;

Dialogue mode and message mode provides two methods of communication.

2, file transfer capabilities

Software offers a variety of ways to send the file;

Embedded through the Explorer "new-prone" function, directly;

By Explorer drag the file directly to annex box, to send;

Interface by sending the attachment button to increase the attachment, to send;

Word or excel in the system, there are "prone" button, you can directly send the completed document will be prepared;

100M level can send large files, send one or more files, or even entire folders.

3, message tracking

AM's message tracking feature, allowing users to clearly understand the message issued by the state. When the recipient has read the message, a message can be kept informed of the staff, thus ensuring the validity of the message.

4, message management features

The news server and client synchronization;

System to support any client machine, will own another machine to send off the message synchronize to this machine;

Messages can be important collections;

Can be dealt with in the future, pending transfer to the folder;

Message content can history inquiries, inquiries can quickly locate the records;

You can print messages;

Can record the contents of the meeting.

5, history document management

AM as an internal communications platform, usually in the AM system, the user will receive a lot of files. Historical Documents downloaded file will be stored in the path where the record, the user only to find this file, you can directly use or re-download the server can be user-friendly documents downloaded.

6, and EASYFLOW integration

Northern Rock after the use of AM, AM presented in the workflow approval received on the demand for prompt, timely manner to help employees deal with their daily work. By? Over workflow consultants involved in guiding the use of AM interface, successful integration of the AM and EASYFLOW two functional systems.

AM for the benefits of Northern Rock

Effective solution to Northern Rock office in real-time communication needs, to achieve more effective co-operation? For;

Not only improve the efficiency of business communication, but also improve the ability of the enterprise's business processes;

Significantly reduce communication costs, significant savings to the enterprise;

With OA, ERP and other systems integration for enterprises to create a truly integrated system;

System has interfaces for expansion according to user requirements;

When the business expanded, it can achieve multi-server interconnect, to meet the communication needs across platforms.

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SuperMap special plan "to return to Wenchuan" Project


SuperMap special plan "to return to Wenchuan" Project

National Disaster Reduction Committee, Ministry of Civil Affairs on May 2 announced that the approval by the State Council, since 2009, each May 12 as the national "Day disaster prevention and mitigation." Today is the first anniversary of the 5.12 earthquake, people over the past year, and the community for the Wenchuan disaster relief and reconstruction efforts made, let us deeply moved and deeply shocked.

To bless the people affected areas, in order not to forget the past year the efforts of our own, more a reminder that more people do not forget the disaster areas, do not forget to hit into sustained attention and support, ultra-mapping software to plan and produce special " return to Wenchuan "feature.

In the project, you can find latest news in Wenchuan, the disaster areas deeds and the Government's disaster measures, the masses of disaster operations, GIS software industry and the super-paid care plan.

The most important thing is: you can leave your blessings!

Please visit the official website Hypergraph Software: click to "return to Wenchuan" feature.

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Small window, Big World Comparative evaluation Pocket PC 8

Despite two years of winter for Pocket PC industry the morale plummeted, and even SONY, JVC, SHARP and other Pocket PC main Japanese manufacturers announced its withdrawal from the U.S. market, limited product launch in Japan in order to reduce the cost of sales to control the damage, but can not deny that the Pocket PC has been showing a touch of trend to recovery. According to IDC's market research report, the third quarter of 2004, Pocket PC shipments grew 13.6% over the same period last year, despite the deadline this year is not related to sales results, but the handheld computer market in 2004 sales will be excellent already in the past two years is an indisputable fact. Part of the strong competitors will remain out of Pocket PC manufacturers with greater opportunities for marketing, but the fact that some manufacturers will put more pressure on. For Pocket PC is not only facing the problem how to make existing products, but also to deal with challenges from smart phones.

From the "Newton" came the beginning, Pocket PC PIM on the ability for users to provide the main function, though gradually with the subsequent development of music and video players and other multimedia features, but has not met the expectations of the "Pocket PC" in the requirements; the smart phone is different, due to differences in consumption concept, people can call like that phone, so smart phones is seen as a progress beyond the traditional mobile phone, so when running multimedia applications, ease of use defects and performance for the lack of tolerance zone was too, so "Pocket PC will be replaced by smart phones" are growing louder.

Pocket PC besieged on all sides because it is a Pocket PC replacement performance at stake, such as low resolution screen is difficult to show more useful information, processor, graphics chip, poor performance, it is difficult to bear the pressure generated by advanced applications, etc., not 1 and foot. But we think it is too early to Pocket PC's death penalty because it has the advantages of the present without any kind of products can be replaced: a relatively mobile class competitors it has better ease of use and functional scalability, has been in the market have appeared on mobile phones, GPS-enabled handhelds is a good evidence. Compared with the laptop is fully shown its advantages of small size, users can carry it in the pocket, and can well handle e-mail, work documents, and some entertainment tasks, so that the handheld computer as a personal information interactive platform more good than harm.

Obviously, the Pocket PC handheld devices you want to re-Xiong Qi must be in size, performance on the show more character, and which requires the joint efforts of the other vendors ... ...


Sharp tools make good his tools

As with PC, Pocket PC has the computing, storage, display and other components, and with the popularity of wireless networks, wireless modules will become one of their standard, so Palm would like to improve the performance, in essence, can only send hope to control the relevant equipment manufacturers to speed up production efforts.

Intel, Samsung, TI 3 processor for handheld devices The main vendor market share and product performance in view of Intel's XScale family of production is undoubtedly the most advantage of the current products, the current mainstream PXA 27X series processors will not only maintain the maximum operating frequency of the advantages, but also Wireless MMX instruction set, SpeedStep capabilities to some extent mitigated the increase in performance and power conflicts. In this test situation, where the PXA27x processor using the product or solution in terms of compressed video files, and data query performance of all aspects of product than in the past have largely improved.

The test products in three product uses Samsung S3C24x0 processor, and uses Intel processors compared to, though not with automatic frequency adjustment and Wireless MMX functions, but the performance difference with the same frequency XScal processor but not the poor, and energy performance is quite good. 667MHz Samsung S3C24 family of products with the emergence of more mainstream products will be used Samsung processors.

Pocket PC's graphics performance has been unsatisfactory, even in mid-2004 most of the products on the market in video playback for generations could only Yikao CPU calculus, so not only high-quality video playback slow, poor picture quality, but also consume large; 2D quality like this, see 3D performance is more out of the question. View of the application of the pressure, Intel, ATi, nVIDA are suitable for introduction of the new Pocket PC to use the graphics chip, the second part in the test of HP hx4700 and the Dell AXIM X50v on the ATi Imageon 3220 respectively and the Intel 2700G graphics chip; nVIDIA graphics on mobile phones now main attack area, but through the acquisition of MediaQ already have an abundance of technical accumulation, therefore, believed that the year will be full GoForce series appeared in the Pocket PC.

Of course, users are more realistic is fully introduced into Pocket PC VGA screen, use the product with four times the resolution of QVGA resolution, the effective display area, so that handheld computers browse documents, pictures can not only see more, but IE supports VGA resolution, the resolution is one, so visit the website of the visual effects more comfortable.

As an extension of personal computing devices, with full network connectivity will become very important, and interact with other types of terminals will no longer be limited to USB or infrared transmission, Bluetooth, WLAN and other high-speed wireless modules will become a Pocket PC equipment module. I am pleased that the products involved in this test has Bluetooth as a standard configuration, or even more, the HP iPAQ rx3715 features Bluetooth 1.2 module, due to cost reasons, WLAN module basically only in the high-end products, but considering the integration WLAN, Bluetooth Combo module has already begun and equipment products, the WLAN module is likely within the next year in the popularity of handheld computers.


Introduce new applications for the king

Traditional PIM, clear audio playback and the like functional Pocket PC application is no longer the key, how use of the performance benefits derived from other types of applications? Some manufacturers have chosen "Quxianjiuguo" strategy, in the handheld computer with integrated GPS module, GPS in the field trying to open a new personal breakthrough. Another part of manufacturers and products on the secondary development, such as support for Pocket PC video output, and multi-media video on demand service providers co-operation; Huanyou part of manufacturers to use the crazy upgrading hardware Xingneng such a "high-handed" approach won Users favor - such as Dell AXIM X50v can allow users to experience 3D games between the hands of pleasure.

Of course, simply to hardware-based enthusiasm to mobilize the user is not reasonable, because the economic conditions, most users use a pocket computer Zhouqi a long, Bukenengxiang as frequently as PC accessories upgrades, so Zai existing Qingkuang Under the application for the Pocket PC to provide more solutions for most manufacturers consider. For example, the rx3715 on HP's "multi-media mobile companion" concept, in the provision of audio and video features at the same time part of the media center into which the concept of using the machine comes with the wireless transmission interface, users can conduct remote control home appliances, and able to network multimedia files on the PC to control the first time introduced the concept of information appliances Pocket PC.

With the wireless network further, application-based wireless networks are also beginning to start, such as Mitac has introduced the use of the concept of smart phones to watch TV on video applications for handheld devices presents a viable case, though now offers narrowband Video quality was not satisfactory, but now mainstream products have a high-quality video playback capabilities, but also with IEEE802.11b wireless network coverage increases, accompanied not be long before the arrival of cinema.

To enable users to launch the Pocket PC 2004 processor, graphics, and understand overall performance, "PC" planned laboratory evaluation compared Zheci Pocket PC themes, we recruited from the five major Pocket PC manufacturers 8 products for testing. Because the products involved in testing both the most high-end products, including products and economic mainstream products, so can provide you with the purchase of a more comprehensive reference.


Handheld graphics chips

Pocket PC's graphics performance has been greatly improved in the 2D processing of these products have support for 1024 脳 768 display resolution, you can display the video signal output to the other by equipment; Pocket PC's 3D performance leap in 2004 called . Intel, ATi, nVIDIA, introduced 2700G, Imageon, GoForce series graphics chips have some basic 3D effects. Although we are unable to use handheld computers performance 3D chip is expected to make appropriate, but in terms of its polygon generation rate, the current 3D chip capable of driving current Pocket PC 3D applications.

About Intel 2700G chip

Intel 2700G is designed specifically for handheld devices, a 2D, 3D acceleration chip, chip integrated memory according to the number of different, this product is divided into 2700G3, 2700G5 two versions, one 2700G5 2700G3 integrated 704KB memory is integrated 384KB, In addition to differences between the memory capacity, the which there is no other difference between the two versions of products.

2700G, 3D acceleration is close to PC using 2000 graphics card performance, it supports the materials and light maps, multi-linear filtering, texture compression and full-screen anti-aliasing and other 3D features, and have 830,000 / sec Polygon and 840,000 / s pixel fill capacity; in 2D applications such as video playback, this product supports dynamic compensation, and alpha blending, 2D clipping, two-headed display.

2700G comes with the video decoder can be good for MPEG1/2/4 decode high-intensity operations, thus reducing the processor load, allowing Pocket PC's processor to decode from the onerous process of liberation, to provide overall performance and battery life made bedding.


Performance Test - Pocket PC

To ensure that the Pocket PC has the same software environment, the testing involved before we started the tough test products to ensure that no possible impact on the test procedure exists. To ensure that performance is maximized, we will test all of the software are installed in the machine memory, and is cleared before the test and Pocket PC memory resident program. Before the battery performance testing, In addition to closing the application of relevant procedures will be adjusted to the brightness of backlight brightness to abolish the automatic shut down of time limits and shut down all wireless transmission equipment, and a processor running faster Sheding for the Quan Su (because some of the products by Samsung processor does not have the automatic frequency adjustment function), making handheld computers to allow the battery within the scope of the longest battery life. As the video test file large memory on the machine may cause the system memory, so when we use the SD card test as a host medium.

Be noted that because of this test include Palm, PPC product of two camps, so there is not much comparable benchmark, if you want to test scores for the purchase of reference, we recommend that you battery life and video playback capabilities As a reference, because the main application of pressure at this stage still from video playback, while the standby time of handheld products that both are important to any camp.


Windows Mobile

We use SpbBenchmark, VOBenchmark two software testing with Windows Mobile Pocket PC operating system. One SpbBenchmark is Spb Software developed its own set of free software for application testing, the test included files, graphics, CPU, application, synthesis, and battery test six. One document properties include file / read-write, directory creation, data query sub-test items, a good simulation of the Pocket PC application constitutes a file number and size of a small environmental characteristics. It's CPU tests include extracting file, compressed graphics two parts, for integer, floating-point two tests, the basic embodiment of the mainstream applications may create pressure on the processor.

VOBenchmark 3.0 is a set of theoretical data analysis focused on the software, its all part of the Pocket PC can be analyzed in detail. CPU test part of which includes floating point, integer performance of the two tests that can objectively reflect the processor's specific performance index; its graphics into a static test pattern generation capability (Filled) and display speed (Bitmap) two aspects. Pocket PC application performance testing of one of the main aspects of the management efficiency in the internal memory, and the software can allocate memory, fill test and the memory block (file sectors) movement testing; is worth mentioning that VOBenchmark specifically with the GAPI FPS Test (GameAPI) test kits used to test Direct Video performance (that is, the fastest running speed in some games), is a comprehensive measure of Pocket PC's integer, floating point and 3D performance of the test suite.

Palm OS

We use the Benchmark 2.0 and PalmBenchmark both Palm OS operating system software on the machine used for testing. One Benchmark 2.0 is through intensive operations on the processor and memory bus efficiency test, the test results to Palm 鈪?e / 鈪?xe performance as a benchmark of 100% participation in testing the product in the scores based on weighted calculation to get the final test results. The PalmBenchmark is PC Professionel palm production models for testing a data-processing, graphics generation and file transfer performance of the software, refer to score 10 points.

Test video

Windows Mobile

We use Betaplayer 0.096 for PocketPC video playback test, taking into account the participation in this test Pocket PC with the performance differences, we used two different sizes of video test, in addition to minimize the additional overhead, We closed the sound output.

Additional explanation is that, Betaplayer graphics core will be selected for different decoding methods such as using the Intel 2700G decode X50v, hx4700 using ATi Imageon, and we have no choice in the testing and integrated decoders, but the selection is suitable for testing machines and implementation of efficient encoders.

Palm OS

Palm handheld computers, we test the video playback test used MMPlayer0.2.13, but with the Pocket PC using the same test file, but due to a software software, we were unable to completely turn off audio output, so some effect on speed .

Power endurance capacity test

Windows Mobile

We use the Windows Mobile operating system by SpbBenchmark test products, the software can truly simulate the use of handheld computers, which by running the script to switch, the implementation of the application, so that system to produce affordable, close to the real usage.

Palm OS

BatteryTIME not fully reflect the practical application of the load when superimposed by a variety of performance differences emerged, but can simulate the battery in the best of the power decay rate, taking into account the test must have repeatability, we still use the software for battery testing.

In addition to the benchmark tests, taking into account the integration of handheld itself is very limited memory capacity, especially in the frequent use of multimedia features user is stretched, many users have acquired a piece for the Pocket PC memory card, so we read his SD memory card performance were also tested.


Editor's Choice Award

Frankly, participate in the test of eight products are well suited for each consumer group targeted by the application, but the Pocket PC performance and future trends in application development considerations, we recommend the user to select Dell AXIM X50v, HP rx3715 two section product.

Dell AXIM X50v is a high-performance, fully equipped Pocket PC, its display support for VGA resolution, with a wireless card, Bluetooth module, and the first use of graphics with 3D acceleration module, not only can easily deal with any current Pocket PC applications, but also for the upcoming performance 3D applications reserve.

Although the HP rx3715 does not use the most advanced VGA display, and configuration can not be regarded as the top, but its function is very distinctive, not only with megapixels camera, and integrated into the concept of information appliances, the user provides an appliance, Electric control center platform; In addition, as a Pocket PC it has the battery life is unparalleled.

In addition, HP hx4700 although not in the list of our recommended products, but still is a very good product, it's 4-inch VGA display can provide more display area, and video playback, graphics display is also the second test the best, so if you do not mind the availability of 3D acceleration, and price factors, then, HP hx4700 is a good choice.

Dell AXIM X50v

HP rx3715


acer n30

n30 with excellent performance and low energy consumption, Samsung S3C2410 266MHz processor, with 64MB ROM (the actual amount available for the 55MB), 32MB RAM (available 2MB), the operating system to Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Premium Edition, and Bluetooth, infrared communication port. Although this configuration with the current highest performance handheld to computers Cunzai holding a piece of the gap, but in the actual test and our 鏉ョ湅, n30 select this configuration is a pragmatic approach, it can easily cope with the mainstream of business and personal applications.

This product's operational well, through the four shortcut buttons front fuselage and the fuselage side of the wheel, you can easily operate the functions associated with the PIM, but because of the lack of navigation keys, so running some games n30 may be inconvenient. n30 random with a travel charger, and the machine itself supports USB charging, so you have multiple channels to get the power supply, the final is worth mentioning that the n30 with USB Host function, headed by the supplied cable, users can flash disk directly connected to the use of handheld computers (also supports other USB devices, but to install the relevant drivers).

Although the n30 used Samsung processors do not have the dynamic frequency adjustment function, but because of their reasonable power control, and using high-capacity 1000mAh lithium-ion battery, the n30's battery life is still up by 4 hours (maximum brightness, medium load mode ), which means that in normal use mode, you can use nearly five consecutive working days without having to recharge the machine.

Although far from the strong performance of n30, but the Bluetooth, USB Host functions ranging, not difficult to see economic and practical design idea very well throughout the whole design of the n30, so if you have to buy a low-cost near-term Pocket PC thoughts, we recommend the acer n30.


Asus MyPal A730

A730's size small, 117.5 脳 72.8 脳 16.9 (mm) part of the volume and not significantly less than smart phones, handheld computers also called in the small, even more valuable is that this is a with a SD / CF Double slot, 3.7 inch screen of the Pocket PC.

In the configuration, A730 uses 520MHz Intel XScale PXA270 processor, Built-in 64MB Flash ROM and 64MB SDRAM (actual free space is 45MB), and built in Bluetooth and infrared modules. Of course, if you need more memory, and WLAN module support, you can buy an enhanced version of A730 A730W. It is worth mentioning that, A730's Flash ROM provides users with 19MB of backup space, with the A730 to provide a file backup tool for users to easily back up critical data, even if you do not have extra memory cards do not have to worry about backup space .

A730 with a 1.3 million pixel camera and comes with flash, self-timer mirror and other devices, and users can adjust a variety of shooting modes, effects, brightness, contrast and other functions, the use of a high degree of freedom. With built-in image editing and management software, you can entertain themselves very quickly to complete some work.

In the performance test run, A730's performance may be acceptable, but A730 to users of available memory space is smaller (only 45MB) and will start after the system occupy about 13MB of memory space, so users can actually use of space is only 32MB, so in the presence of system background task will affect the normal use, we recommend to buy A730's user must purchase an additional memory card.


Dell AXIM X50v

As Dell's flagship product, X50v configuration did not disappoint, it uses a 3.7-inch VGA resolution display, the processor uses Intel 624MHz XScale PXA270, its integrated 128MB FlashRom and 64MB SDRAM (user available space sum 139MB) ; its network, extension is also very comprehensive, not only the IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN and Bluetooth, infrared module also provides a CF / SD expansion slot of two types, for use when the user extensions.

Memory card slot is more surprising is that it's graphics system, X50v with the Intel 2700G graphics core, we know that 2700G is a memory-chip integrated graphics chips, but vendors for additional information that the X50v is installed 16MB memory to meet its better to play a 3D feature.

X50v comes with the software very practical, it provides a wireless network management tool that can display signal strength, encryption options, Wi-Fi certification and registration options, allowing users on the current state of well known practical wireless network. In addition, to allow users to fully experience the thrill of handheld 3D, X50v also bundled with Stuntcar Extreme (X50v special edition for the 2700G-optimized) and Enigmo two games. It is worth mentioning that the first integrated Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for Pocket PC, so you can provide a greater variety of multimedia services, you can not only enjoy the local music, video, and can display pictures or use Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10.0 access audio and video media library, enjoy a more abundant resource.

In the test run, X50v processor performance is satisfactory, but the graphics test scores low, but this does not indicate its weak performance, but because the test program can not currently make full use of 2700G more advanced decoder. As the battery capacity is low, therefore the standby time is not ideal X50, we tested the time is about 2 hours and 40 minutes, so we recommend users to buy X50v to buy a customized specifically for use with 2200mAh battery.

As the market's first 3D acceleration with the Pocket PC, we believe that X50v is a product worth buying, its integrated value is not inferior to other Pocket PCs with VGA screens, if looking at the Pocket PC to play some 3D game, then this is your best choice at present.


HP iPAQ hx4700

hx4700 with a 4-inch VGA display, this piece of screen in terms of color reproduction or brightness, viewing angle on the performance of all people quite satisfied, although the overall color temperature of some warm, but it must be admitted that this was the best we have seen Pocket PC screen. hx4700 2MB of video memory with the set of ATi Imageon 3220 graphics chip as the GPU, but before Toshiba e800 also uses the graphics chip, so a lot of software is optimized for it, used in conjunction with various types of software are very stable.

hx4700 other high profile, it also has WLAN, Bluetooth communication module, and the best use of the current performance of the processor - 624MHz XScale PXA270 processor and built-in 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM (the actual available space for users to 135MB); addition, to ensure users have enough room for expansion, hx4700 also provides SD / CF expansion slots to meet the needs of two.

hx4700 with Windows Mobile 2003 SE operating system software comes with its very rich, in addition to iTask, iPaq Wireless utility, Image Zone, HP Mobile Printing and other self-developed program, but also bundled with a very powerful PIM management procedures-Pocket Informant 5, even if you are a first-time handheld computer novice, do not install any software can hx4700 all the functions on its head.

And the same, the Dell X50v 634MHz processor, compared, hx4700 in the CPU, memory card benchmark tests have certain advantages. Although the hx4700 to meet the current high-quality video playback, and picture quality good, but simply in the video broadcast speed test hx4700 still exposed Imageon 3220 chip performance issues behind the 2700G. Should be sure that the hx4700's battery life, more than 6 hours of battery life capability of this test, though not the most outstanding products, but also quite compelling.


HP iPAQ rz1717

As with the iPAQ 1940, iPAQ rz1717 is an economical consumer groups for products, both of no significant difference in the hardware configuration, rz1717 also uses Samsung S3C2410 203MHz processor, equipped with 32MB ROM and 64MB RAM (user-own total storage space allocated 35MB), and rz1717 Bluetooth module removed. Significant difference between the two is the shape change, rz1717 angular shape, rigid full, and iPAQ 1940 looks even more mellow.

rz1717 offers an "HP Task Switch" utility software, the boot will reside in the lower right screen, when you are ready to switch on or off an application that only requires the implementation of the program can process up close or switch is not necessary into the memory manager closing procedures, fly in the ointment is that this program can not selectively turn off a program.

As rz1717 using built-in battery-powered, the battery standby time is ideal, hence there would not replace the battery and brooding. In the performance test run, rz1717 performance anticipated, it could very well carry Word applications, and some simple games, and can smoothly playback rate to 650Kbps, 320 脳 240 resolution video files in full compliance The low-end products to target, for the entry-level players, rz1717, following another station after 1940, affordable product candidate.


HP iPAQ rx3715

HP iPAQ rx3715 is currently the main attack in the high-end products, so the parties are more fully configured, it uses a Samsung S3C2440 400MHz CPU, and built-in 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM space. In addition, it also has Bluetooth, infrared communication module and equipped with high-end Pocket PC only appear WLAN module.

Hewlett-Packard iPAQ rx3715 been dubbed "multimedia mobile companion" concept, so its main function in the integration of multimedia design there is very unique. It is built-megapixels camera, can capture the maximum resolution of 1280 脳 960 photos, and 4x digital zoom, video resolution of 320 脳 240, you can shoot straight to memory card full. Certainly not enough to just have the camera at stake, its built-in software is full of "multi-media mobile companion" concept carried forward.

iPAQ rx3715 with a special Today plug-in, the plug-in will be directly integrated multimedia features rx3715 classified as "PhotoSmart Camera", "Mobile Media", "Home Control" and "Photo" four buttons. Which is mainly responsible for PhotoSmart Camera start shooting; and Mobile Media provides a similar "Media Center" function, it can be a wireless network PC or other terminal in the network control or management; Home Control hand, is an infrared port to simulate the remote control software appliances, the software can simulate a variety of brands of DVD, TV, media center remote control signal, but also with a learning function, its applicability is rather wide; its photo features are mainly responsible for starting picture Manager-HP Image Zone, the program can export photos directly to a Bluetooth printer to print, you can directly send the picture to e-mail to others.

As the hub bears the role of media control, rx3715 must be strong enough power supply, this in battery life tests are positive - although we do not test battery life under full load capacity, but nearly 8 hours of battery life already astronomical. In the benchmarks run, rx3715 processor 400MHz XScale processor is close to the level, to compare ultra-smooth playback of high-quality video files.

rx3715 way to promote the application of relatively new, built-in software is also very practical.


palmOne Tungsten T5

Tungsten T5 is the first use of Flash ROM instead of the traditional RAM and integrated 256MB ROM first handheld computer, as Flash ROM will not lose data even if power-down, so it was given the functions of mobile storage - built-in software user can choose whether to TT5 as a flash disk. In addition to user-friendly management of large-capacity memory, TT5 first introduced the document management capabilities, users can manage files using the tree list, so use more convenient.

TT5 data line interface with a new design, data lines and power lines are independent, you can go out in the power cord, data line, choose one, because TT5 with USB port to support IR sync and charge capabilities. Also worth mentioning is that through the new interface, TT5 base can be achieved with the related video, audio output function, so in the purchase of accessories, TT5 can provide you with a video presentation platform.

Tungsten T5 Palm OS v5.4.5 operating system using its standard Documents ToGo, Blazer, VersaMail, RealOne and other software applications to meet basic daily needs. It is worth mentioning is that it provides a very handy feature, if the hold down the "Desktop" icon will appear before running off five "background", this is the Plam OS provides a quick way to start the application Although not really the background, but with the background of Windows, the effect of the implementation of already very close.

In the test run TT5's battery life is quite good, the battery performance test that can continuously run for 5 hours; in actual use if the backlight set to medium it can be maintained for a week of daily use and no charge. Of course, the drawbacks of using the Flash ROM is also reflected in testing, due to Flash ROM and RAM speed falls far short, so data access (especially large-scale data access) to be inferior to the machine using SDRAM, the most direct ways to achieve is that we restart the machinery had to wait quite a long time to enter the user interface.


plamOne Zire 72

Zire 72 uses the PXA271 operating frequency of 312MHz processor, 32MB memory, this machine integration, and its also has SD / MMC expansion slots for users to expand functionality. It installed the 1.2 million pixel camera can capture 1280 脳 960 maximum size of the picture, but is worth mentioning that, due to strong processor performance, it also simultaneously recording 320 脳 240 image files with sound, without being memory card restrictions, it allows for unlimited shooting.

For megapixels a camera has a handheld computer, the multimedia aspect to fully play its energy is a very important advantage, Zire 72, another aspect of reform in the software, in this, the introduction of its new "Media" program Through this program you can control the camera, camera, take pictures and adjust the white balance, brightness, contrast and image, video browsing, and text messages through the built-in program you can shoot pictures as MMS to send, rather played a Zire 72 excellent multimedia performance.

Zire 72's OS version Palm OS 5.2.8, Palm OS 5.0, therefore the basic features such as the Graffiti 2 input functions are to be sustained, and Zrie 72 software system's ease of use and richness have been further improved : This includes the newly added Chinese Chinese Version of Documents To Go, "the media" process and related software used for Internet services, in addition to the information based on user feedback, the name of its many programs were modified, for example, "Calendar "to" calendar "," Address Book "to" Contacts "," agents and other matters "to" task "and so on, although arising from the actual significance, but at least consistent with our reading habits.

Zire 72 using a 950mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, in our Zire 72 battery capacity test time view of their life is less than 5 hours, but in view of test sample battery discharge curve may not have been well maintained, if the new The machine will be better than the battery life test results.


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